QUENCHTEX series are the best selects for flame retardant or heat resistance applications such as workwears for firefighter, car racing clothes, accessories for steel industry, glass foundry, and etc. According to different requirements of performance level and cost consideration, we provide three types of material which have their own features.



KENCHtex-AR items are made of aramid type material. Its flame retardant function is brought by nature of aramid material. Hence, the effectiveness would be permanent. In field of flame retardant applications, QUENCHTEX-AR items are on top level of performance.

Materials: Dupont Nomex , Teijin Conex.

Construction: Woven, Dobby woven, Knitted



QUENCHTEX-OX items are developed for high heat resistance, especially for applications which require 100% nonflammable feature such as accessories for steel industry and glass foundry. The level of heat resistance can reach up to 1000 and above. All QUENCHTEX-OX items are constructed by special oxygenized fibers which are absolutely nonflammable, and furthermore, oxygenized fibers won’t be harmful to people’s healthy and cause people feel itch like glass fiber or asbestos.

Material: Oxygenized fibers, Dupont Kevlar

Construction: Woven(Shell), Non-woven(Insert).



QUENCHTEX-PY items are made of pyrovatex cotton to perform flame retardant function. Pyrovatex is an advanced bridging technology for adding on flame retardant feature to cotton base fabrics. It can offer you a best cost-effective solution for great protection in high risky working condition and safty concerning. Our fabrics are compliant with EN531,FT TPP>9, CFR1615, CFR1616. All products can be dyed and applied by additional treatments according to your requirements.

Material: Pyrovatex Cotton

Construction: Woven, Dobby woven.



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